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"The longer I walk the creative path, the more I search to express myself in harmonious disciplines. As a percussionist, I have always felt the need for many colors in sound.  As a visual artist, I need many textures for my eye and hand.  As a singer, I often visualize the note before I hit it.  As a word person and composer,  I want a song to paint a picture in the listener's mind, and if their body moves to the music, all the better.  More and more it seems to me that it is all the same clay:  timbre, texture, color, movement, song."

Paula Jeanine Bennett

Paula Jeanine featured on the Voice of America show "Creative Time" (Indonesia), hosted by Naratama Rukmananda, September 2022.  She discusses her "Molecule" project and her life in the arts.

"She does the complete art of her soul."   Naratama Rukmananda, VOA host

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