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G2G2G (Gate To Gate To Gate) is a work in development by multidisciplinary artist Paula Jeanine Bennett.  It is a site-specific song cycle with movement celebrating the architecture, history and heart of Fes and Meknes, Morocco.  Through research and field work, Paula is creating an artistic response to the gates, medieval walls and salient interior locations of Fes el-Bali. 
Her current efforts have been supported in part by the American Language Centers of Fes and Meknes, through which she has the status of visiting artist.   It is her vision to perform G2G2G live as an episodic concert, with participatory movement actions for the public. 


“Her love, appreciation and respect for my country, its culture and history, have heartened me to discover with her the secrets and beauties of the medieval medina:  its walls, its gates, its people, its songs.”

Sadiki of Fes (Mohammed Sadik)                             professional guide and cultural advisor 

To listen to the songs click HERE

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